We at Grace support in the ministry of Seedbed, Inc.
J.D. Walt, Sower-in-Chief writes a daily devotional, titled, “Wake-Up Call”. Jd dives deep into Scripture
in Truth and in Spirit.  Jd is funny and down to earth and he is a wordsmith with a good grasp on the Hebrew and Greek languages. He will enlighten you as well as challenge you to go deep into Scripture so you can deepen your relationship with God
Click on the logo to be transported to the Seedbed webpage and connect with the Wake-Up Call.  You will
also find the Seedbed bookstore and mercantile. We promise you will learn more about the Word of God than you ever thought you could think or imagine. Try reading the Wake-Up Call for a couple weeks and awaken to the life that God is calling you to.
If you find yourself enjoying the Wake-Up Call and would like a group to discuss it with,
join the Seedbed Wake-Up Call Facebook group.
There are lots of great people and discussions to help you grow in your faith and understanding of God’s Word.
  The grass withers and the flowers fall,
    but the word of our God endures forever
– Isaiah 40:8

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